World Bank

Ministry of Education, Romania


The Ministry of Education in Romania is a government department responsible for formulating educational policies, developing curricula, and overseeing the education system from preschool to higher education. With a mission to foster innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in education, the Ministry sought a campaign that covers their efforts to improve the standard of education in Romania through their new initiatives. The campaign was sponsored by World Bank.

When the Ministry of Education approached our team, they faced a complex challenge. They required a campaign that is able to speak with all the people impacted by the new changes.

Our approach to this project was rooted in transparency, optimism and humanity and stands at the intersection of a catalyst of change and a catalyst of conversation.

We began by defining the Ministry’s personality: emphatic, authentic, transparent, inclusive, proactive, translators, storytellers. We then divided the target audience into 4 groups: teachers, students, parents and other public leaders, each with their own needs and communication style.

The centerpiece of our campaign was a recognizable and welcoming logo. The color palette incorporated a calm, emphatic cyan, and optimistic yellow coupled with a trustworthy navy. We used Inter Tight as the primary typeface for its natural and clean, yet imposing forms.

We developed a comprehensive visual language using approachable illustrations, extending the identity to campaign materials, advertising materials, and digital platforms.

The rebranding of the Ministry of Education in Romania has achieved remarkable results, increasing the Ministry’s reach by over 200%.

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