Ellen Rock


Ellen Rock is a print artist and fashion designer based in London. Ellen uses her painterly prints to create a language of symbolism, opening universal dialogue and using her work as an enabler for positive global change.

The central objective of the project was to design the event and advertising campaign for Ellen’s new fashion pop- up shop in Soho. The shop needed to capture the essence of her vibrant garments, accessories and paintings without overpowering them.

I started by refining Ellen’s existing logo and other brand assets. I then conceptualized and designed a series of distinctive patterns that take inspiration from Ellen’s previous works.

I also designed a range of advertising materials, including flyers, posters, business cards and event invitations (both digital and physical) that effectively convey Ellen Rock’s vibrant identity and promote the pop-up shop event.

This lively pop-up shop brought Ellen Rock’s vision to life and successfully contributed to her brand activation strategy. The event was covered by WOW Festival, Fashion Open Studio and Protein.

Pop-up Shop (48 Poland Street, Soho) -  The next step of the project was creating the physical designs for the shop. I oversaw the interior and exterior store design as well as the signage and product placement from inception to completion.

The signature Ellen Rock patterns became a central element of the brand identity and were also used on a series of postcards that were sold in the shop.

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