Fixta is a London-based coffee shop that focuses on always delivering great-quality coffee and teaching customers how to repair their own technology products in the meantime.

In our throwaway culture, Fixta stands as a beacon of sustainability, encouraging people to be proactive and mindful of their environmental impact while fostering a love for efficient design and technology. The coffee shop becomes a hub for those who care deeply about the environment, resource conservation, and the art of technology repair.

The project aims to establish a strong and distinct brand identity that resonates with a primarily male audience, aged 25 to 45, with a focus on those with lower to medium incomes. They share a passion for sustainability, efficiency and community and appreciate good design, as well as the opportunity to acquire new skills.

The brand values of creativity, involvement, efficiency, sustainability, and love for the community are integrated into every aspect of Fixta’s identity.

Fixta’s visual system is warm and inviting, with earthy tones and a blend of organic and technological elements, reflected through the brand colours in the packaging and advertisements.

The typeface is both precise and natural, utilizing sharp corners and playful differences in thickness. The logo and bespoke typeface reflect the brand’s core values of efficiency and approachability while maintaining the harmony between craftsmanship and community.

The app takes advantage of modern, easy-to-use neumorphic buttons while maintaining the human, approachable look.

The packaging combines all the brand assets to achieve a warm, organic and modern product.


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