Licoare is a high-end brand of traditional Romanian fruit liquors. This project encompasses the design of bottles, labels, canned cocktails and promotional materials for three varieties of liquors made from sour cherries, blackberries and apricots. Licoare draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Romanian fruit liquor making, where recipes have been cherished and passed down through generations.

Licoare’s ambition is to provide a premium experience that appeals to both people with more refined taste and people looking to explore traditional Romanian liquors. The brand name: “Licoare” means potion or mix and it is usually used to describe essences or very powerful drinks.

These types of liquors have a big cultural significance in Romania as a traditional homemade liqueur that is often shared among friends and family during special occasions and holidays such as weddings, religious festivals, and family gatherings. The heart of the identity lies in Licoare’s deep-rooted connection to tradition and Romanian culture.

Licoare’s typography is chosen to convey both elegance and tradition. The primary typeface is set in Serotica and the secondary typeface in PP Migra.

The pattern was made to resemble the deep, oval-shaped barrels that house the fruit in their fermentation process. I also designed and rendered the bottle, following the shape of a fruit and its stone.

In line with their modern, elegant approach to Romanian heritage, I designed a line of canned cocktails that would usually be consumed in Romanian bars, a cardboard box that holds the bottle and a variety of advertisements. 

The project was featured on UAL’s Graduate Showcase website: project/497938/cover

The project focuses on creating a brand identity that not only captures the spirit of Romanian fruit liquors but also displays the regional diversity from which the fruits are sourced, each region’s representative colour being reflected in the label.

The bottles were by far the most complex part of the project, having experimented with over 100 shapes before settling on the final one. I designed the bottles and case by tracing their inside-outside contour in Illustrator, creating a 3D object based on the contour in Photoshop and then rendering them and adding the labels in Dimensions.

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