London College of Communication -
Graduate Show 2023

BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity 



I worked with 6 of my BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity colleagues to design our class’s Graduate Show at London College of Communication, UAL.

We started by creating our course’s visual identity. We were a very diverse class interms of practices, from animation, film and 3D to illustration, UI/UX, packaging and typography. What we all have in common though is our love for branding. We based the identity on the idea of a golden thread uniting our class, thread that is present all throughout the identity and show. It also shows up in the alternative characters of the typeface used: Factor A.

The graduate exhibition embodies our class’s greatest creative concepts and incredible design work. We were in charge of gathering projects from all GBI students and designing the exhibition. We also designed merchandise, yearbook and other assets and built all component of the show.

Our exhibition was selected as the most representative from the entire University of the Arts London and we got to chance to recreate it for the New Designers Award at Business Design Centre in Angel, for the first time in our course’s history.

Credits: Freckle van Kessel, Paula Gomez Picon, Ziye Corey Cai, Anu Limbu, Luana Ramos and Jiaying Song.

LCC Graduate Show - Event Design;  The exihibition space was also used for a series of design talks, a portfolio review and an industry breakfast with professionals from over 30 design agencies.

New Designers Awards 2023;  For the New Designers Award we designed 12 roll-ups with some of our best students’ work and we received very positive feedback on our work and space.

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