Serotica is a sophisticated and refined serif typeface. Its elegant letterforms are thoughtfully designed, striking a delicate balance between classic and contemporary elements.

Inspired by the graceful twists of a ribbon, the font’s curves flow naturally and softly, making it captivating to look at. As the letters go from their thickest to their thinnest point and back, they have a dynamic, three-dimensional quality as if they were folding in space.

The name “Serotica” embodies the sensuality of the font and stems from the elegant, almost ‘erotic’ shapes of the letters. It takes inspiration from 17th Century Venetian serifs and 18th Century Didone typefaces, but with a taller, more symmetrical and modern profile.

Serotica works best as a display font, allowing viewers to see its precise shapes and contrasting points while utilizing its tall, condensed letters to fit more words in a narrow space. It also works excellently laser cut, raised or embossed.

I designed the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, totalling over 70 glyphs over the course of 2 years. Alternate characters and ligatures are also coming soon.

  Serotica’s versatility allows it to be used across a variety of applications, from high-end branding and editorial design to prestigious events and luxurious packaging.

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