True Story Project


True Story Project is a source of verified and relevant news and analysis about Romania and the Black Sea basin in the international geopolitical context. TSP aims to provide truth-based information, promote the values of the rule of law and the market economy and stimulate critical thinking at the population level. True Story Project is an initiative led by the German Marshall Fund.

I first collaborated with True Story Project in 2018 to develop their logo, social media profiles and print campaigns. We expanded our collaboration to design a social media post system for various article types and the TSP Weekly Newsletter, building on the initial success.

The goal was to craft a brand identity and strategy that not only conveyed the organization’s commitment to truth and critical thinking but also established a cohesive and impactful presence in the crowded media landscape.

The logo was designed to reflect their core values of accuracy and reliability. Subtle yet impactful, it aimed to convey the seriousness of journalistic integrity while maintaining a modern and approachable feel. It consists of a green tick that symbolizes their commitment to publishing fact-checked news, encased in a navy lowercase “t” at a dynamic 45° angle.

To expand TSP’s reach and impact, I developed an advertising campaign on social media to resonate with the target audience. This campaign was designed to highlight the organization’s unbiased, true news and its role in the international geopolitical context.

I designed a system for social media posts tailored to TSP’s different types of articles. This system enhanced TSP’s online presence and allowed for effective communication of their content. Additionally, I worked on the design and strategy for the TSP Weekly Newsletter to ensure it effectively reached and engaged the audience.

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