UN.USUAL is a booking, events & management agency based in London and Birmingham, dedicated to fostering and promoting creative talents within the underground music scene.

UN.USUAL serves as a hub for a collective of both established and emerging artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their work across diverse venues and festivals.

This project centers on creating a distinct brand identity for UN.USUAL that aligns with its unique position in the industry and emphasizes its commitment to authenticity and music as its core essence.

I have developed UN.USUAL’s identity design with the need to stand out in mind. They have a multifaceted role in the industry, not only as a booking agency but also as an event organizer and a record label.

The logo’s unusual rotation captures the essence of UN.USUAL’s unconventional approach and reflects theirparties’ funky and energetic rhythms.  The typography is set in a reworked PP Neue Machina and combines boldness with approachability.

UN.USUAL’s distinctive and dynamic rebranding positions the agency as a trailblazer in the underground music scene. It led to a tighter connection with their audience, more parties and more engagement.

Finally, UN.USUAL took advantage of the rebranding’s success and organized their first in-house festival: UN.USUAL Fest.

The visual identity relies heavily on colors that vary based on the specific sub-genre of the event or the backgrounds of the artists involved.

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